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Tile Cut Concrete Patterns and Styles

Tile cut concrete can mimic almost any natural stone tile look and feel while adding a real touch of class to your indoor or outdoor concrete floor area.

Tile cut concrete patterns can be cut into any concrete stye including coloured and exposed concrete. Straight lines or curved cuts are possible. A tile cut concrete finish allows the concrete to look exacty like it is made from separate concrete tiles of any size without the risk of the tiles ever losing alignment through susidence. This is because the pattern cutting process is a surface cutting technique that leaves most of the load bearing concrete slab and the reinforcing mesh intact.

Pattern Tile Cut Concrete Pool Deck and Patio

This stunning feature tile cut coloured concrete pool deck and patio offers expansive entertainment space with an unobtrusive glass pool fence. The use of an irregular outside border with edge seating and insets, landscaping and split level design all come together incredibly well in this example of our work.

Large pattern tile cut concrete swimming pool deck and patio

Tile Cut Concrete With Raised Patio and Step

This stylish patio offers an ample entertainment area with shade. The tile cut coloured concrete colour goes well with the brick tones in the walls with the step accentuating the separation between the patio and garden area. At Blundell Concrete we take great care with finish especially where wall and patio meet.

pattern cut coloured concrete patio and step

Black Tile Cut Concrete Patio

Coloured, tile cut concrete patio deck with 5kg black oxide in the concrete mix. Grey grout fill in the pattern cut and matt finish completes the look.

black oxide concrete decorative tile cut patio

Glossy Black Tile Cut Concrete

Coloured tile cut concrete patio with black oxide in the concrete mix. The polished look is the result after concrete grinding and sealing.

black pattern cut polished concrete patio

Circle and Curved Cut Concrete Patterns

Large sandstone coloured concrete patio with curved scroll pattern cutouts, steps and retaining walls. Any combination of curved and straight lines can be cut into concrete.

artistic cut concrete

Pattern Cut Tile Stone Inset In Driveway

Mixed concrete styles such as this tile pattern cut sandstone coloured concrete slab area in a light black oxide concrete driveway and parking area adds character and style.

Pattern cut tile stone inset on concrete driveway

Tile Cut Concrete Stepping Stones

Stylish modern tile cut concrete stepping stones with tiles parallel offset with outside border to suit. The underlying continuous reinforcing mesh and uncut concrete keeps all "stepping stones" flat and perfectly in line horozontally.

feature concrete driveway

Tile Cut Concrete Pool Surround

Concrete pool surround with 1.5 meter square cut tile pattern finished with anti slip sealant for safety. Choosing the correct colour will ensure the temperature of the surface is comfortable for sunbathing in most conditions.

feature concrete driveway

Tile Cut Concrete Pool Surround

Natural sandstone coloured concrete pool surround with an 800mm square cut tile pattern and lighter pool coping then finished with anti slip sealant.

feature concrete driveway

Irregular Shaped Tile Cut Concrete

Stylish modern tile cut pattern with tile cut placed three wide at a 45 degree angle with outside border to suit. The cuts are only on the top 10mm of the concrete.

feature concrete driveway

Tile Cut Concrete Pool Deck

Mid brown tone, one meter square, tile cut concrete pool patio and deck area

feature concrete driveway

Tile Cut Concrete Pool Patio

Mid brown tone, 1200mm square tile cut concrete pool patio and deck area

feature concrete driveway

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