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Stamped Concrete

Stamp imprinted concrete is coloured concrete which is imprinted with seamless patterned stamps representative of material textures and/or brick patterns in a range of styles.

The average cost of stamped concrete on a level well drained site is usually around $120.00 per square meter, including base fill, compacting, fitting reinforcing mesh, boxing and preparation of the area and laying the concrete, two base colours in the shade of your choice with the pattern of your choice accurately and expertly imprinted into the surface, acid wash and seal finishing is included.

If you have a difficult site, need heavy duty stamped concrete, require drainage or need additional features or mixed finishes see our online concrete cost calculator for a more accurate quote.

Sealing brings out a rich lustre and natural stone look on pattern-imprinted concrete and gives a stunning result that is both waterproof and durable.

Feature Stamped Driveways

Every stamped concrete driveway is unique as the colours and patterns can be combined in so many different ways. Above is a random slate tile pattern.

feature concrete driveway

Cobblestone Stamp Driveway

This cobblestone driveway shows how seamless and convincingly tight patterns of complex shaped can be placed without showing any obvious repetition.

feature concrete driveway

Concrete Pool Surround and Coping

Pattern imprinted concrete pool patios are ideal for achieving a truly original look and feel to your pool deck. Safety around swimming pools can be improved with our comprehensive range of non slip finishes. Colours can be chosen to ensure the ideal temperature of the concrete for optimum sunbathing comfort. Available in a variety of colours and patterns.

feature concrete driveway

Pattern Imprint Concrete Steps

Steps and stairs in stamped concrete are both practical and pleasing in looks and in feel underfoot. These step have half round treated timber to add to the already rustic look conveyed by the colour of the concrete and stamped pattern. Concrete stairs can be placed into spiral curved descents or in angled increments to stylishly solve any access issue on difficult sites.

feature concrete driveway

Shaved Stone Pattern Concrete

Irregular rectangular and square tile sizes are also a popular and attractive stamped concrete choice.

feature concrete driveway

Ashlar Stone Stamped Concrete

Ashlar Stone with oxides to give a rich deep brown tone that closely represents the natural ashlar stone.

feature concrete driveway

Natural Sandstone Concrete Floor

The varying colours in this stamp imprinted concrete floor give a very natural stone patina to the finished job.

feature concrete driveway

Dark Stone Irregular Tile Pattern

This is the second driveway on this page that uses the same pattern, the darker colour changes the look completely.

feature concrete driveway

Aligned Square Tile Concrete Pattern

Even though this pattern uses aligned squares, it is the irregular surface contour imprinted in the stamping process the applies the natural slate look and feel. One of the main differences between stamped concrete and natural stone tiles is that the tiles are aligned and level for the life of the concrete while natural cut tiles can move independently through subsidence over time.

feature concrete driveway

Tiled Slate Stamp imprinted Concrete

One of the main differences between stamped concrete and natural stone tiles is that the tiles are aligned and level for the life of the concrete while natural cut tiles can move independently through subsidence over time. Below is a zoom out of the previous photo and shows the complete effect in it's secret garden setting. Concrete can be stunning!

feature concrete driveway

Freehand Assisted Pattern Stamped Concrete

Freehand assisted pattern in coloured stamped concrete finish. Freehand used to create a pattern free border.

feature concrete driveway

Sandstone Small Brick Stamped Concrete Patio

Small brick stamped concrete pattern with convincing sandstone shades, surface contours and grain.

feature concrete driveway

Sandstone Large Brick Stamped Concrete Patio

Large brick stamped concrete pattern with sandstone shades, surface contours and realistic grain.

feature concrete driveway

Slate Pattern Stamped Concrete

Light coloured slate irregular pattern concrete floor. Realistic irregular surface imprinted into the concrete.

feature concrete driveway

Seamless Texture Pattern Concrete Front View

Seamless pattern stamped concrete gives the impression that the whole concrete slab has been hewn from a single piece of natural rock.

feature concrete driveway

Seamless Texture Pattern Concrete Side View

The seamless pattern stamped concrete wraps around the whole property and give a sense of continuity that is unmatched with other styles.

feature concrete driveway

Pattern Stamped Concrete Patio

Pattern stamped black oxide patio with exposed aggregate black oxide border.

feature concrete driveway

Stamped Concrete Price Calculator

Use our comprehensive online concrete quote calculator to get an accurate estimate of any stamped concrete works, any thickness and on any job site. Click the link below.

Online Cost of Concrete Laying Calculator.

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