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Feature Concrete Driveways

An expansive, well designed driveway with ample turning and parking areas for multiple cars is essential for easy access and egress for all family and visitors in multi car households. A large driveway area is far more inviting, and can add considerable value to any property. A bigger driveway area will open up many more design options including generous curves and shapes to soften the look and nestle the driveway perfectly on the contours and landscaping works on your site.

Concrete Can Be Beautiful!

Auckland concrete layers Blundell Concrete are experts at all styles of concrete laying techniques, we can also advise on the style or design to best suit your property and budget.

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Country Lane Driveway

feature concrete driveway

If you have a large bush section or well established trees on your property there is always a way of asthetically fitting the driveway into the surrounding landscape. Driveways in this style allow for seclusion if the house is not visible from the road and gives the sense that you have truly left the bustle of the world outside your property every time you arrive home.

Wide Curved Driveways

Curves and landscape garden recesses in a wide driveway adds flair and value to your property and makes gardening and placing of landscaping features easier. Once the landscape rocks are placed, and the shrubs and plants mature, this driveway will nestle seamlessly with the design of the house and the layout of the site.

Rural Driveways Entrance

long new concrete driveway

On larger flat sites a more classic look can be achieved with sharp lines connecting to turning and parking areas.

With the right landscaping features this site is well on the way to achieving a more classic look that fits the large flat site and grand entrance.

As with all new properties it takes a while for the plants and trees to complete the look.

Rural Driveways Parking

feature concrete driveway

The driveway terminates at a large parking area offering ample space for visitors and residents to park easily.

The square column pot holder style of landscaping will be echoed on the main parking area. It is a look that will tie the outdoor areas with the grand design of the residence.

This site still has unlimited possibilites as the grounds mature.

Rural Driveways Exit

The entranceway to the same site matches the rural setting with the boulder bank edging giving a maintanance free clean but natural look.

This is an extensive site that allows for easy turning, ample parking and practicality

The driveway also branches off to a barn with large concrete pad area inside and outside.

The whole site is very generous, vehicle friendly design around the house, garage, barn and equipment areas which are all concreted in the same style.

Red McCallum Chip

long new concrete driveway

McCallum chip aggregate adds unique colour and tone to your property. It blends well with all natural colours and rock features and works particularly well with plants and untreated or stained wood landscaping features. The aggregate used in the concrete mix can be supplied in different sizes resulting in a range of textures and finishes. Waterblasting will restore the original colour and lustre or it can be sealed to reduce the need for waterblasting.

Wide Driveways

feature concrete driveway

The wider your driveway the easier it is to turn into. Double width driveways also double the parking area available, often without the need for a separate parking concrete slab or pad. Pebble garden edging reduces the edge trimming requirements and is asthetically pleasing.

Wide Driveways 2

Alternative layouts including extra parking can easily be designed to increase parking.

Blundell Concrete have good knowledge regarding the placement of expansion cuts, drainage and the need for reinforcing mesh. Most cracked concrete you see elsewhere has be laid incorrectly or too cheaply to allow for proper preparation.

Large Concrete Areas

long new concrete driveway

The average homeowner spends 30 to 40 hours per year tending lawns, dealing with clippings and trimming edges. Thats a whole weeks work!

If you have better things to do with your time an expansive concrete solution could be the answer.

Concrete Parking and Driveway

feature concrete driveway

On some sites it is best to maximise the concrete driveway area to allow turning even though multiple cars are on the driveway. Blundell Concrete Contractors are experts at fitting any style of concrete driveway into the site and gently contouring the surface to the lay of the site.

Lifestyle Home Concrete Driveway

A good connecting concrete driveway layout gives ample room for multiple work and personal vehicles and leaves ample room for caravan, horse float, boat and trailer movements including reversing.

Steep Driveways

long new concrete driveway

We love when people come to us with challenging projects. Building a concrete driveway on a very steep piece of property is all about ensuring the excavation and compacting is done correctly and will avoid issues after the concrete is set no matter how steep or winding the driveway is.

Providing access to hillside homes takes time and focus, driveways constructed by Blundell Concrete Contractors are safe for homeowners and guests.

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