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Concrete Styles, Finishes and Design Ideas

Concrete can be much more than just a practical and durable solution for driveways, parking areas, outdoor patios, pool surrounds and footpaths.

Concrete is the most versatile outdoor landscaping material. The look and feel of concrete can be enhanced with coloured oxides, attractive aggregates, tile pattern cutting or stamp imprinting pattern techniques that realistically mimic natural stone. Examples of all these concrete styles in a variety of settings are detailed below.

Concrete Can Be Beautiful!

Auckland concrete layers Blundell Concrete are experts at all styles of concrete laying techniques, we can also advise on the style or design to best suit your property and budget.

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Pattern Imprinted Concrete

feature concrete driveway

Stamped concrete is available in a range of patterns and colours that will create a unique look to your concrete areas.

Our large range of concrete stamps mimic a range of crafted or natural stone mosaics.

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Exposed Aggregates

long new concrete driveway

Add luster and class to your concrete driveway, patio or path with an exposed aggregate concrete finish. High quality river pebbles in a range of sizes, McCallums Red Chip or other very attractive stone aggregates are available.

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Feature Concrete Driveways

feature concrete driveway

If you have a multiple vehicles, a boat or caravan, or just need ample parking, then concrete is the most durable option by far. If colour, stamp imprinting, tile bordering or insets are used the results can be stunning. We specialise in feature concrete driveways and can come up with a design for you or implement your design ideas.

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Decorative Tile Cut Concrete

long new concrete driveway

Tile cut concrete can be crafted so it convincingly mimics perfectly flat tile of any size and in a range or natural stone colours.

Blundell Concrete can give expert advice to make your ideas come to life or offer advice if you are not sure about the best style or layout to best fit your site and your budget.

Tile cut concrete can be coloured, polished or coated to convincingly mimic natural stone materials.

Tile cut concrete floors soak up heat in the day and release it at night keeping the temperature of the home more stable. Tile cut concrete flooring is the ideal material for for indoor and outdoor use.

Expertly laid tile cut pattern concrete flooring can carry the outdoor ambiance inside more convincingly than conventional materials.

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Concrete Steps

Concrete stairs are practical, and can be be a stunning landscape feature.

Blundell Concrete can install and lay concrete steps to your design or suggest a design that fits well with your existing or planned landscaping.

We can include log or wood inlays to give a rustic cottage look, or include a wide variety of colours and aggregates to the concrete mix.

Stairs can also be finished with a stamped pattern and coloured to give a variety of convincing natural stone looks and an authentic feel underfoot.

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Stepping Stones

Stepping stones of any size or shape set into a well compacted pebble base are possibe with concrete. The larger the size of each stepping stone the more stable it will be over time. Interesting and visually pleasing effects are possible with shapes other than conventional square or rectangles.

For a feature path, custom shaped stepping stones can be an attractive alternative.

Concrete Inlay Patterns

long new concrete driveway

Blundell Concrete contractors are experts at all type of concrete works including pattern or brick inlays, straight or curved borders and retaining walls. From rustic brickwork borders to clean modern lines and everything in-between.

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Heavy Duty Driveways

Heavy duty commercial driveways and loading bays and concrete slabs and pads need to be well designed to handle the exrta loads of delivery trucks, container movements and forkhoists.

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Concrete Slabs and Concrete Pads

Blundell concrete can place concrete slabs and pads of any thickness, style and finish capable of handling any load. Concrete slab cost per square metre increases with thickness and decreases as the size of the job increases.

With any concrete job is important to ensure the correct concrete laying excavation, base compacting, drainage, boxing, pouring expansition cut spacing and drying techniques are used, Blundell Concrete Contractors are experts at all concrete laying techniques for commercial and residential concrete work.

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Concrete slab cost per square metre nz

Blundell Concrete Limited

With over 25 years in the trade Blundell Concrete Contractors are experts in all aspects of flat concrete construction methods.

With over 25 years in the trade Blundell Concrete Contractors are experts in heavy duty flat concrete construction methods including ensuring the finished concrete thickness easily handles the maximum load you will place upon it.

We follow correct concrete placing techniques to minimise any chance of future cracking and increase the life of the concrete works.

We offer free advice on the best thickness for your commercial or residential concrete slab or garage floor.

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