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Cost Of Driveways in NZ Area Calculator

If you know the area (in square meters) of concrete you will need you can get get a concrete slab, pathway or concrete driveway price estimate from Craig at Blundell Concrete over the phone, or go to our Cost of Driveways Calculator to get an instant estimate Online.

Read the instructions below to find out how to accurately measure the square area of curved, circular or zig zag paths and driveways, our concrete area calculator conveniently keeps a running total of every shape you put in to it.

On more difficult sites, or where preparation involves drainage, large quantities of base fill, leveling and excavation, or an engineering report it is best ask us for a free no obligation quote.

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Our Online concrete quote calculator can also accommodate some of these variables if you know the condition of sites substrate.

No problem if you don't know this, we can easily do an obligation free site inspection and quote, including all the measuring up for you if you are unsure and live in the greater Auckland area between Pokeno and Whangaporoa.

The system of measurement below is so easy anyone can find the square area of even the most complex shapes including combinations of square, rectangular, triangular, curved or zig-zag paths and driveways and circular slabs.

Always remember that accurate measuring will ensure you get an accurate estimate.

Find The Square Area Of Concrete Required For Any Job (See Diagram One)

All you need to know to find the area is the length of the center line and the width.

Lay a hose or heavy rope along the center line of the job site where you need the curved or zig-zag pathway or driveway.

For the best precision put stakes or pegs in the ground to keep the line where you require it.

For precise curves use a center stake as shown in diagram two.

The only other measurement you need is the width of the job and the calculator does the rest.

Once you know how many square meters of concrete you need you can get an Online estimate for all the different concrete styles colours and finishes available on our instant price calculator Cost of Driveways NZ Calculator.

Diagram One - Measuring the Square Area of Zig-Zag Paths and Driveways

Lay the rope or hose down the center of irregular shapes that are the same width. If the width varies add the thickest and thinnest parts together and divide them by two to get the width measurement for the calculator.

Simply measure the center lines of the zig-zag, curved or straight paths or driveways you need quotes for and enter the width of the path of driveway you want.

If you don't have a long flexible tape to find the length, use a heavy rope or garden hose to lay out the center line of the job, put in pegs on the corners and curves and when the course is set mark the end of the job on the rope or hose.

Then pick up the other end and measure the length of it against a straight ruler or or short tape.

This calculator can be used to give accurate running totals in square meters of multiple rectangles, triangles and curved paths. (See diagram below for how to measure curves and circles).

If your concrete plan has any left over triangles use the triangle calculator at the bottom of this page to work out the square area or the triangle parts and add that number into the length tab on this calculator and enter one (the number 1) into the width tab.

Note: Always click the ADD tab to keep the record and running total correct.

If you make a mistake, to start again refresh this page to clear all running totals.

Once you have entered all the job areas and have checked all the totals go to our comprehensive Price of Driveways NZ Online Instant Calculator to find the cost of driveways patios and paths the size, thickness and surface finish you require.

It will open in a new page so you won't lose your totals on this page.

Our concrete price calculator give prices and options for exposed aggregate concrete, stamp imprinted concrete and coloured concrete of differing thicknesses plus much more!

Note: All running totals rounded to the nearest square meter

Diagram 2 - Measuring the Square Area of Curves and Circles

Enter your Length and Width measurements into the calculator above.

Triangle Square Meter Calculator

If you have leftover triangle shapes that do not get calculated by the calculator above you can work them out here and add them to the main calculator.

Measure one side to find the width, measure at right angles to the width side to find the height.

Always press the ADD tab to keep the record and running total correct.

If you make a mistake, to start again refresh this page to clear all running totals.

Add this total to the calculator above in the top field (length) and the numeral 1 (one) in the bottom field (width).

Note: All running totals rounded to the nearest square meter.

Triangle shape concrete calculator


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